Gig Review: Alex Lahey @ The Gasometer 8/10/16

I have fallen in love with music again this year and it feels amazing. I’ve rekindled my longstanding affair with mid 2000s emo (go on, roll your eyes, I won’t mind), branched out further in my exploring of different genres and for the first time I’ve come to really appreciate Australian music. Specifically, the music coming out of female artists in Australia right now is on another level. The rise of young women in music right now is something I’ve never witnessed in my own time engaging with music  and I feel so lucky to be in the midst of it all.

Alex Lahey is proof of this – she’s going from strength to strength and watching her blowing up this year has been fantastic so I had high hopes rolling in to Collingwood last night. Saturday 8/10 was her grand return to Melbourne after 10 weeks of touring in promotion of her debut EP B Grade University, and the home crowd was excited to greet her.

Opening acts Frida and Soft Corporate did a superb job building the atmosphere in the room, and the buzz grew gradually over the 2 hours between doors opening and Lahey taking the stage with little to no fanfare. As she acted as her own roadie, my friend commented that there’s no way we’ll ever be seeing Alex Lahey playing $15 gigs for much longer after this – she’s heading to big things for sure.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical about the time being filled when I realised Lahey’s set was a full hour long but she didn’t disappoint with almost back to back songs interspersed with some *ahem* hypothetical anecdotes about dating, breakups and generally being a 20-something mess; all relatable topics for the 400 people who packed out the Gaso. And packed out it was, to the extent that the stairs were lined with people and the crowd was squeezed in so much that my feet in the front row were hooked under the front of the stage.

To my absolute delight, her set was also broken up with her take on the literal best song in the whole world – Torn; and just like everything else last night it went off perfectly and I have 3 minutes of footage that I’ve already watched three times today and have plans to watch at least three more. All I can ask is that Alex gets into the studio and records a studio release of her guitar heavy version as soon as possible.

No doubt exhausted after 10 weeks of touring , Alex proved herself outrageously generous with her time and posed for photos, held brief conversations and signed anything and everything pointed her way (including one guys stomach) after the set finished; when she was no doubt keen to get upstairs. Waiting up there were her family who were watching proudly as 400 strangers were united by their mutual love of Alex Lahey; and connecting with her stories of love, life, and that loser you broke up with who won’t just go away.


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