Live Music: Stonefox @ The Workers Club 19/11

Last night November 19,Stonefox played their second Melbourne show and second-to-last show of the Hands Of Gold tour at the Workers Club, supported by fellow Melbourne bands Soft Corporate, and I Know the Chief. Celebrating the release of their latest single by the same name – the Hands Of Gold tour has seen the Melbourne trio performing up the east coast of Australia over the past couple of weeks.

An audience of hometown fans had the bandroom buzzing with excitement before the trio took the stage, and the atmosphere only lifted from there. Stonefox performed their rapidly expanding back catalogue almost in full, with each new song translating virtually seamlessly from recording to being played live; complemented by the unique, raw sound that live performance creates, even with a full band present. This young band have been working hard, and it shows. They wasted virtually no time in taking the stage and played song after song until the last minute of their set, with only short intervals between tracks. They even found time to throw in a cover version, putting their own spin on a slowjam version of The Killers hit Smile Like You Mean It.Every song saw the audience singing along, while Ghost and Dreamstate – the most upbeat songs in Stonefox’s repertoire drew a particularly strong response as the crowd broke into dancing too. The stand out track for me was always going to be Arrow, and it was particularly moving with the stripped back sound of live performance. The excitement of playing to a home crowd was evident, and was reflected back so the entire event had the atmosphere of a party about to kick off.

Their set was rounded out with the very song that brought us all there together – the new single, Hands of Gold which was released in mid October. Hands of Gold continues in the style Stonefox are proving themselves so adept at; mellow jams which draw fitting comparisons to The xx and Daughter amongst others, with a more guitar driven sound than either of these other two acts. Following up from previous singles, Hands of Gold continues to build on the hype surrounding Stonefox and will hopefully garner more attention to this talent.

The band’s friends and family showed their support and turned up early, but by the time Stonefox took the stage, they were rapidly outnumbered by other admiring fans and supporters who crowded into the small space. With the hype the trio are gathering, it won’t be long until friends may find themselves fighting for their spot in front of the stage.

Stonefox still have one date left on their tour – next Thursday, 24/11 at The Zoo in Brisbane – head along if you’re about town!

A photo posted by Stonefox (@stonefoxmusic) on Oct 3, 2016 at 1:21am PDT


You can hear more from Stonefox on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Triple J Unearthed,  Facebook and at


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